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I'm useful but a little more difficult!!
Means a more detailed but also more difficult site to use.

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1. African background


  • Artefacts A Page of images and objects from all aspects of slavery and the slave trade. Very useful.
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record Monumental and extremely useful!!! (Click on 'Explore the Collection'). The thousand images in this collection have been selected from a wide range of sources, most of them dating from the period of slavery. This collection can be used by teachers, researchers, students, and the general public - in brief, anyone interested in the experiences of Africans who were enslaved and transported to the Americas and the lives of their descendants in the slave societies of the New World. Jerome S. Handler and Michael L. Tuite Jr.

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2. Atlantic Slave Trade

Slavery, Abolition and the East Riding of Yorkshire Uses documents to show how Yorkshire families owned and traded in slaves. Useful section on the uses made of slave products.


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3. Plantation life

The Slave System:


Slave Life:  

Thomas Johnson with slave whip & chains. Click on the picture for a fuller image.Punishments & Resistance:



I'm useful but a little more difficult!! Slavery and Economy in Barbados  Looks very thoroughly at Barbados and the slave trade. It was one of England's most popular colonies, with a rich economy based on sugar and slavery. Yet it was also the only colony to support the abolition of the slave trade. Articles from the BBC.
Bitter Sweet History - aspects of the British Slave Trade Looks not only at the transatlantic slave trade but links it into modern fair trade issues. Produced by York Castle Museum.
I'm useful but a little more difficult!! Slavery and the Making of America Very full website by PBS, the US equivalent of the BBC. Modern design with a good focus on Slave memories and the slave experience on the plantations. Worth going to.

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4. Ending Slavery



William Wilberforce Very detailed but clearly set out account of the campaigner and the whole issue of slavery and the slave trade. Images, documents and activities from Wilberforce House,  Hull (MLA site)

I'm useful but a little more difficult!! 

I'm useful but a little more difficult!!
William Wilberforce on 2007 Royal Mail Stamp. Click for the complete set.British Anti-slavery  In the space of just 46 years, the British government outlawed the slave trade that Britain had created and went on to abolish the practice of slavery throughout the colonies. John Oldfield shows how this national campaign became one of the most successful reform movements of the 19th century. From the BBC.

William Wilberforce: The Real Abolitionist?
William Wilberforce has received much of the credit for the abolition of the slave trade, but does the story of the campaign support this view?
I'm useful but a little more difficult!!  Slavery and Justice A long and detailed survey of Browns University and its involvement in slavery. Worthwhile for keen casahistorians as it shows how the trade and slavery grew and became part of everyday life - even outside the traditional slave areas. Finally it looks at the slave trade, slavery and abolition and how it fits into the struggle today for human rights.




USA: Emancipation & Civil War

I'm useful but a little more difficult!!  Freedom & Emancipation Detailed article and very thorough on the key stages in emancipation, but less for schools than adult readers. From the US BBC, PBS.
  • American Civil War For easy access to chronologies, events, personalities, and documents, go to this excellent site from Spartacus. Remember to scroll down all the page.

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5. Conclusions:


a) USA - The Civil Rights Movement


b) Modern Britain and its Caribbean past

  • Moving Here A database of digitised photos, maps, objects, documents and audio items recording migration experiences of the past 200 years
  • Moira Stuart A moving story of Moira's associations with abolition in the Caribbean from the BBC family tree
I'm useful but a little more difficult!! 

The following BBC sites develop the theme of Caribbean roots in Britain. They can be written at quite a difficult level in places:

  • Receipt for payment by Thomas Hinds for his journey to England by boat from Jamaica in 1955. Thomas Hinds was born c1922. He served in the army during the war and then became a policeman in Jamaica. He emigrated to Britain in 1955 and got a job with London Transport as a driver. He later became a Station Master. click to access the full receipt.Caribbean Family History Looks at how to trace a Caribbean family history. By Kathy Chater. Articles from the BBC.
  • Windrush - the Passengers By Mike Phillips BBC article on the first Carribbean immigrants to Britain on board the Windrush in 1948.
  • Windrush – Arrivals Passengers on the Windrush were told they they were headed for the 'mother country' and that they were all welcome. What did they experience after their arrival in Britain?
  • Multi-racial Britain Martin Luther King aspired to a society where a man's character was more important than the colour of his skin. Diane Abbott asks whether a a truly multi-racial society ever be achieved in modern day society. Includes sections on The myth of a pure society, Slavery and the Legacy of the empire

c) Apologies Today

  Podcast: The Age of Slave Apologies Dr Mark Christian, associate professor of Sociology and Black World Studies at Miami University uses the case study of Liverpool’s apology for its role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade to explore the concept of slave apologies. 

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