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Years 7, 8, 9?
1. The best places to start a search
2. Websites for schools
For Years 10 onwards:
3. General magazine type search sites
4. More complicated A, K12 & IB searches
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 1. The best places to start a search if you are in Years 7 to 9:

  • BBC History for Kids Easy to use. Just choose your topic from the list.

  • Refdesk.com  A useful place to start looking. Easy to use.

  • Encarta. This is the History home page for looking up on Encarta about History. You will find this useful.

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 2. Websites for schools

  • Spartacus  Good link pages to educational resources.  Excellent on World Wars, Vietnam, links to women in History
  • thehistorychannel.co.uk. Much of the site was written for GCSE. Go to the "classroom". This also contains games and hints to help you learn and understand the topics. However, you will need to have a programme called Flashmacromedia to see this site properly (it can be downloaded free)
  • Schools History: Not full of pictures and zippy moving images but this gives you the basic points and key words, year by year. It also has lesson plans and revision guides. Teachers not familiar with the English education system may find the curriculum page a good starting point.
  • History on the Net Basic details, an A-Z of History, Timelines and links to other History sites; and a games section with History quizzes, puzzles and interactive activities.
  • History Learning Site: Use this for details about Medieval England, Tudor England, Stuart England and the Industrial Revolution for Years 7 and 8 pupils. The requirements for Year 9 - World War One, Important Inventions of the Twentieth Century, the growth of women's rights in the Twentieth Century and the Indigenous People of America are also covered. The requirements for the GCSE Modern World History course are covered in depth as are some aspects of the British Social and Economic course.
  • Historyworld For simple accounts of histories and a small selection of articles.
  • johndclare.net This set out in a very structured manner with each section having basic detailsand documents with links to key areas.

 You might also want to try this:

  • Ask an Historian: Spartacus Educational is now offering a new service to its visitors. You can ask a panel of teachers, historians, authors and researchers with expert knowledge about: Life and Death of John F. Kennedy, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, Nazi Germany, Second World War, First World War, Women’s History, Black History, Spanish Civil War and History of Russia.

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3. General magazine type search sites

  • About.com  An interesting site. Good links with many, many sub-sites listed down the side, but also set out in a magazine style with excellent articles of A level. A wide variety. A 3hweb top site. 
  • The History Net   A history magazine format site. Useful links and search engine for History topics with north American emphasis.
  • historychannel  Written by the History TV channel, this site has many items of historical interest and a general history search engine.  However, you will need to have a programme called Flashmacromedia to see this site properly (it can be downloaded free)
  • BBC history Online  Another TV site, this is like the History Channel sites. It also has links to the BBC schools History pages. 
  • PBS History Well illustrated and exciting to look at. Contains historytopics, usually linked to recent US TV history series.
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4. More complicated post 16 searches

casahistoria Our sister sister site with links to many other single party states and much, much more.


Looking for a Document?

The Internet History Sourcebooks are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.

  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
    A "classroom usable" sourcebook of copy-permitted material for Ancient history and civilization courses.
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook
    It is the largest online resource of medieval and Byzantine textual sources. 
  • Internet Modern History Sourcebook
    A mass of copy-permitted material for Modern European history and Modern Civilization courses. North American and Latin American documents are located within its structure.
  • New subdivisions of documents are being set up as follows:


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