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1. General sites
2. Building a castle
3. Castle Life
4. Attack and defence
5. Individual castles

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Click here to be taken to the Norman Conquest page.
Click here to be taken to the Everyday life in the Middle Ages page.

I'm useful but a little more difficult!!    Means a more useful but also more difficult site to use.



1. General sites
These are a good source of information with pictures and useful castle plans as well as links to actual castle sites.
  • Castles Click on a key word for more details, diagrams and pictures. Clear and easy to use.
  • Bodiam Castle, Sussex. Click for full pictureCastles of Britain Research link page from a larger site that allows you to investigate every element of castles
  • Castles on the web Links, information, and many pictures.
  • The Use of Castles from Essential Norman Conquest site.
  • Norman Castles outline descriptions and short sources from the excellent Spartacus schools site.
  • Medieval Castles From the easy-to-use Medieval Times. Donít forget to click on the further links at the bottom of the page. Good place to start.
  • Take a quiz on Castles
  • Ghosts in the Castle One of the best places to find a virtual medieval tour is at this National Geographic's site. This is a site to enjoy. Different activities. Some easy, some hard. Follow Marcus the mouse around the castle, but as he is interactive, it may take time to load.
  • Castles for Kids Fun castle sites: these pages are devoted to you and Castles!


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2. Building a castle

     Castle Development:



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3. Castle Life I'm useful but a little more difficult!!Life in a Medieval Castle a little too wordy but has good pictures and detail. Based on Welsh castles 

For links to the feudal system go to the Everyday life in the Middle Ages page.

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4. Attack and defence




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5. Individual castles

Tower of London:
  • Tower of London outline descriptions and short sources from the excellent Spartacus schools site.
  • Tower of London A multimedia intensive site, but some excellent and stimulating material about the world's most famous castle. Shockwave plugin required.
Dover Castle:

I'm useful but a little more difficult!!Dover Castle & the Great Siege of 1216 From, "Dover Castle", History of the King's Works: The Middle Ages, 1963. Very detailed but early part links well to Henry II.

Rochester Castle


Welsh Castles:

  • Castles of Wales A well designed and presented site.  Clear images and maps together with extensive information and links, there is much of use here. 


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