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Who & what's in young casahistoria
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                                                                                                                                       Middle East
Cold War
   Life in the Middle Ages                English Civil War                      Russian Revolution
Norman England            Tudors  Stuarts      Slavery                World War 1       Hitler
 Castles       Black Death                           Industrial Revolution                  Mussolini 
                                         Ireland, 1500   -   present                                                    Cuban Crisis
                                                                                                                                               Vietnam War
best for ages 11-14 
best for ages 14+
a casahistoria page (more difficult information to use)

  • Looking for research or more information about the history you are doing in school? 
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 Revision pages 
 How to use the web effectively
 IGCSE & GCSE Revision
 IB, K12 & A level Revision
 The students guide to using the web
  Contains sections to help you on:
   Find your information
   Tools for the job
   Is the site worthwhile?
   Understanding the evidence
   How to cite your web research
   Keeping on the right side of the law
Who & what's in young casahistoria
best for ages 11-14  
Norman England  
Life in the Middle Ages  
Black Death  
Industrial Revolution  
best for ages 14+  
  World War 1 
+ these detailed casahistoria sites
Ireland, 1500- present  
 English Civil War  
 Russian Revolution  
 Mao Tse-Tung  
Cold War  
 Cuban Missile Crisis  
 Vietnam War  
Middle East  
Revision pages 
IGCSE & GCSE Revision 
 IB, A level & K12 level Revision 
Using the web effectively
Students guide to using the web


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